Saturday, March 06, 2010

Day 32 - Black & White Beauty

Day 31 - Guardian Angel

This Guardian Angel was really a bracelet that my Aunt Cindy gave to me on her last visit to Nantucket in July of 2008.  I am also blessed to have her as my Godmother, as well as one of my best friends.  We are SO alike in many ways, I love her! I hung this bracelet on my rear-view mirror of my Jeep the day she left.  I looked at it everyday since then and thought of her and of Uncle Joe whom passed on 08/08/2007.  Uncle Joe and I shared the "same" birthday! He died after a motorcycle accident, he and Aunt Cin were in ;(  I missed his funeral and did not go back to Ohio to be with her and her family during this very difficult time. As it was during the "on season" for my work. I do regret that decision now. 
 So this Angel was something I looked at and thought.. he is protecting me while I travel.  And it had to be a certain way while I drove!  Exactly how you see it in this picture..the clasp not showing.. Well!   I "finally" took the picture I wanted of it for my memory ;) As I need a picture for every memory I ever have.. at least I try to get one.   This was taken as the sun was setting at Cisco Beach.  I thought the colors with the blue gemlike body the guardian angel had would create a beautiful scene.. and I finally caught it!! Sadly though, I got into my car yesterday, and I cannot find the blue gem? It fell off and it is gone.  I searched my whole car over and over in a frantic mess... I then came to the end of my thoughts.  Uncle Joe, may he rest in peace, he has forgiven me and took the blue gem.  It is NOT in that car anywhere! It is "gone"  ... I am sad though... I miss seeing it.. But I know he is my guardian angel watching and protecting me while I drive..AND Thank God I took that picture for my memory   ;)