Monday, March 28, 2011

Ladies Beach (aka Fat Ladies Beach) Walk on 03/20/11

I love it out here.  I have been coming to Ladies Beach, well since my then year round local best friend introduced it to me.(1998) Thank you Jen Hallett!!  ;) It has become part of my life, and Jasmine's routine. I am some what fascinated with photographing it at all times of year.  I really hope to be able to photograph the rosa rugosa come up this year.. I am always so busy during the summer,I always forget to make it out to the beach until it dies. Oh it is on my checklist for this year though! In these dunes ... is where they are hiding right now.

Happy Jasmine

Jasmine out on a walk.. she will NOT look at me now with my camera! She has had it! LOL.  this was taken on 03-20-11