Thursday, May 06, 2010

Day 91 - Jo's Sand Dollar

Day 90 - My New Love

Day 89 - Spring Smells

Day 88 - Destined to be on Nantucket

;)  work  ;)

Day 87 - Youngstown ON Natucket!

 I nearly died when I realized I have been driving past this (up and down the driveway) almost everyday for 5 years... and I never saw it until last week! This mailbox is at Amanda, the house I take care of! I mean Youngstown is IN Nantucket! WHOA!  
The way I look at it is.... I was meant to be on Nantucket and at this job... god brought me here for a reason.... I totally believe in signs! And this is one for sure!

Day 86 - Paws UP!