Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 102 - Petticoat Row!


Day 101 - beautiful light

Amanda Sunset on 01/30/2009

Day 100 - Pure Happiness

Saying a prayer for Uncle Frank... He was so happy in this picture.  I took it on 10/22/09.  The man loved opening scallops ;) He had a massive stroke on 05/03/10... My prayers have been for him. There is nothing like him... Love that man ..... 

Day 99 - Bartlett's Windmill

Bartlett Farm's Windmill on 04/29/09.. this is shortly after they installed it!

Day 98 - Nancy Thayer

For those of you who know her... she is one of the NY Times Bestselling Authors! She plot her novels in Nantucket! It was an honor to meet her and buy her .....her toast of champagne, and to be able to photograph her! Thank you Petticoat Row!  ;)


Day 97 - Plum Wine

This is one of my favorite colors of all time! Taken @ Cinco's 05/13/2010
Pretty happy with this photo!

Day 96 - Squiggly Beach Tail

Jasmine 07/08/2008 @ Tom Nevers Beach

Day 95 - Puffy Cloud

A beautiful cloud on 05/11/2009