Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 174 - Shearwater Excursions

I took this on my cell phone on 08/15/10, I met the owner on Facebook. VERY nice guy! Cannot wait to meet him in person one day! This on my Nantucket Bucketlist ;) 

Day 173 - My Bonus of Appreciation

I am so happy to receive this gift! it is one of my dream lenses and I cannot wait to get out and really use it! Taken on 10/22/10 .. on my cell phone!

Day 172 - Big Poppa

Oh my freaking god.. I love him so much! Look at his lips! Caught him sleeping on my cell phone! Taken on 10/15/10

Day 171 - EXIT

Day 170 - Early Boat

This was taken on 09-27-10 right at sunrise from the Eagle Ferry, I Love this one.