Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 208 - Change

Probably one of the favorite pictures I have on the beach in Nantucket. (Ladies Beach in this photo) taken by Keith, My boyfriend... I thought I would post it. It was taken at a new beginning in my life.  I just ended my business with my sister, and started working at Amanda....  I cut all of my hair off ;) This was in 05.. not right now! I felt good... I was fit... and I was happy. I cannot believe that 6 years has almost past since I sat on the beach that day. I feel totally different now than I did then. Obviously! I was what ?? 29!!!! Yes 29... That's why.. After 30.. I have learned so far is not very easy. Many things change. Good and bad.   So that is why I am writing today. It is a fun post.. all kinds of fonts and different colors! Just like me ::)) I am going to change my blog. And I am so appreciative to all who look and reply and leave me feedback.  This makes me and my heart smile. I am ending the evident 365 Photo Project..I am so way behind from last year! LOL I will post though I promise! Maybe write a little more and explain my creativity a little! Do not worry ... You will NOT be disappointed! :) BaBye My 365 Project!!!!!!

Day 207 - Jasmine's Progress

These were taken on 03-20-2011  

She is doing really well! In her 11th week of recovery.  Next week is her last complete surgery week schedule.  We go to get her X Ray beginning of April to make sure she is completely healed! She acts more like herself now for sure!     

Day 206 - Road to Beach

Taken on 03/20/11 - Ladies Beach area

Day 205 - Jasmine Boo

Taken 03/20/11