Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 80 - Daffodil Weekend Up Close

Day 79 - Beach Shell

Day 78 - April 6th 2010 Sunset

Day 77 - LadyBug

When he died in December of 1999, I noticed ladybugs becoming very apparent to me.  Especially because I found one on the screen at Gram's house the day of his funeral. I saw it as a sign ... He was right there with me... They would pop out "everywhere" and I have always thought of him since ...when I see them.  I had the same thing happen with my Grandma Nunny when she passed just 6 months before him in 1999... Butterflies remind me of her though.  I found this one on the steps at "Amanda" where I work.  She was a pretty one! But I have to say, I definitely felt his presence and It made me smile.  So, of course, I had to take the picture! I have always wanted a good one of a ladybug.  This may be an on going project though until I get the "perfect" one... I Love and Miss You Grandpa...Thank you for always listening to me and helping me through many things!
~ RIP Robert Kovach ~