Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shelby Lynne Day

Shelby Lynne Day

Today for some odd reason I am missing Shelby Girl. I wrote this poem, right after she died. I have never read it to anyone but Keith.. I wanted to publish it in the Inquirer and Mirror... but by the time I got ever thought about it ... it seemed way too late. I am not one to write. But when I wrote this.. It was straight from my heart. And I really meant it.. I could not stop.

When we first fell in love with you, at 8 weeks old
We had a bond like no other
To think you could make us feel like a real father and mother
Three loving years of difficult trial and error
Who would have known it was your heart you so suddenly could not bear
Because of you, we treasure those moments as the best in our lives yet
We learned about your gentle soul and how human you were really were
And just by the look in your eyes, you could tell us anything for sure
Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting you
Thought you were the most darling thing, so loving and sweet
How blessed we were to have this much time to spend with you
During your shortened time of existence
We will always cherish our memories with you
Beach trips, your nightly run, hanging out of our car windows
Always looking like our queen, and
               Of course snuggling close together and loving you up
You were the best dog we could have ever ask for
But without you it seems like nothing will ever be the same
~ Until we meet again ~


  1. That is a beautiful poem, Jaime. Shelby Girl is up there somewhere running through the fields with my big guy, Bear.

  2. Thank you ;) I had to note this poem was written WAY before we even thought about getting Jasmine... I thought my life was over without my Shelbs.... We have been so blessed to find Jasmine; she really is such a wonderful dog. But There will only be one Shelby girl... as you know ..just like there will only be one Bear..and he was so freaking gorgeous ;) Was he a pure bred English Lab? Keith and I think he was such a good looking dog.

  3. Yes, Bear was pure. I still have his papers. One of my customers summed it up perfectly about Bear. He said Bear was a big dog with a big heart. Everyone loved him. I like the last line of your poem. "Until we meet again."

  4. Inspiration.........
    ~ Until We Meet Again ~