Wednesday, February 03, 2010


So I decided to improve my photography by taking the next step at ( Claudia Kronenberg's Digitial Photography Class during the months of January and February.  This is the first class I have "ever' taken about photography! And do not ask me "why" it took so long.  I guess it took that long because I was waiting for "her" class ;) And I have already learned some amazing things! I can now shoot in Manual Mode. This has opened up my outlook "on" photography tremendously for what it can be and what I can really capture.  It also has opened a new side of me.  So through the wonderful inspiration of good friends, I have finally decided to start my Project.. of 365 Photos .. One a day!  Hope I can keep up with it, I think I am really going to... I need something to motivate me!  So I missed the first 33 days of the year 2010.  But I have the next 332 days to post :)  And I need your feedback good and bad and your support throughout... Thanks for looking It means a lot to me....

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