Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 208 - Change

Probably one of the favorite pictures I have on the beach in Nantucket. (Ladies Beach in this photo) taken by Keith, My boyfriend... I thought I would post it. It was taken at a new beginning in my life.  I just ended my business with my sister, and started working at Amanda....  I cut all of my hair off ;) This was in 05.. not right now! I felt good... I was fit... and I was happy. I cannot believe that 6 years has almost past since I sat on the beach that day. I feel totally different now than I did then. Obviously! I was what ?? 29!!!! Yes 29... That's why.. After 30.. I have learned so far is not very easy. Many things change. Good and bad.   So that is why I am writing today. It is a fun post.. all kinds of fonts and different colors! Just like me ::)) I am going to change my blog. And I am so appreciative to all who look and reply and leave me feedback.  This makes me and my heart smile. I am ending the evident 365 Photo Project..I am so way behind from last year! LOL I will post though I promise! Maybe write a little more and explain my creativity a little! Do not worry ... You will NOT be disappointed! :) BaBye My 365 Project!!!!!!


  1. Jame, I'm looking forward to your new blog. Keep up the great work and keep smiling.

  2. Thank you Martie! Thank you for all of your support.. it always help! Trying to come up with an interesting blog title though! Any input from a wise good friend? :)